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Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Maths (SKTM) – Early
Years Programme

This project is designed to support Early Years teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils with their mathematics across the provision. Please see the flyer for more information and register here. 

Building Firm Mathematical Foundations in Reception

Work Groups in this project are aimed at schools who are currently developing a teaching for mastery approach in KS1 and KS2. Early Years practitioners and senior leaders will develop their understanding of how EY best practice feeds into a teaching for mastery approach, and build firm foundations for all children so that they are ready to progress into Year 1. Participants will consider how to build clear progression in mathematical concepts and how to make these accessible to young children. This document gives you more information and you can apply here.

Primary Mastery Specialist Programme
Cohort 6 (2020/21) – Information and Application

Following the successful first five cohorts of the Mastery Specialist Programme, the NCETM and Maths Hubs are now seeking to recruit a sixth cohort of expert primary school teachers to develop and work as Primary Mastery Specialists. This document gives information about the programme and how teachers and their schools can apply to be involved. The closing date for applications is Monday 15 June at 5pm.

Primary Mastery Readiness 

This programme is for schools that are currently in need of additional support for improving mathematics teaching, learning and leadership. This is a bespoke service giving the school leadership team one-to-one support in developing a mastery approach to deliver mathematics throughout the school.

Participating in Mastery Readiness gives a four year support programme:

Year 1 FREE Bespoke to the school Begins in September 2020

Year 2 Participate in the DfE funded supported Teaching for Mastery Development programme

Year 3 Funded Embedding Mastery Year

Year 4 Free opportunities to sustain mastery and train other staff

To be eligible the school must have an identifiable reason for being unable to engage in developing teaching for mastery at the moment.

Please see our information document to find out more. Follow this link to apply. 

Primary Teaching for Mastery Development 

The Work Groups are intended for schools that are already committed to using teaching for mastery approaches for primary mathematics. Schools should also have the capacity for engaging in significant development work during 2020/21.

Benefits for participating schools:

·         High quality support for teacher professional development for the lead teachers, facilitated by the Mastery Specialist

·         Support for the head teacher in addressing leadership issues related to teaching for mastery from the Mastery Specialist and the Maths Hub’s leadership

·         Opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing teaching for mastery

·         No charge for participation and a grant of £1000 to help subsidise teacher release time

·         Financial help, should the school make the decision to purchase textbooks (subject to DfE confirmation.)

Please see our information document to find out more. Follow this link to apply. 

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30th June. 

Primary Sustaining Mastery

This project is aimed at schools previously involved in teaching for mastery, helping schools to sustain their teaching for mastery (TfM) approach for mathematics. The project seeks to establish continuing support for collaborative planning and specialist subject knowledge development in primary schools and leadership within the school.

Benefits for participating schools:

All teachers in the participating schools will enhance their mathematics subject knowledge with an emphasis on progression especially within the key

areas of mathematics addressed by the Work Group

·         Subject leaders will learn more about how to establish an effective collaborative planning culture for their teachers, which supports ongoing specialist subject knowledge development

·         All school staff understand and value ongoing professional development in order to uphold the cycle of improvement

Please see our information document to find out more. Follow this link to apply. 

What is Greater Depth?

DEADLINE CLOSED. Please contact Jo Brereton at to express an interest in this Work Group.

Please contact Jo Brereton at to express an interest in this Work Group.

Teachers from a number of schools will work together to develop their understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions that provide opportunities for all children to work at Greater Depth than the expected standard, as and when they are ready for it, within a teaching for mastery context. Building on findings from the previous project, more schools are being offered the opportunity to explore what it means to work deeply in mathematics. Collaboratively, they will use existing tasks/questions and design their own, to ensure that pupils are not accelerated through the programmes of study but have a deep and sustainable knowledge of mathematics for their age. Please see our flyer for more information and the registration form.

Early Years- Supporting effective transition from Reception to Year 1

DEADLINE CLOSED. Please contact Jo Brereton at to express an interest in this Work Group.

Many schools are adopting a teaching for mastery approach in mathematics. The starting point for a school is usually Year 1 and then thought is given as to how the approach is built across KS1 and KS2. Schools naturally want to consider the teaching of mathematics in Reception and how the transition to Year 1 can best support children’s learning.

The Work Groups in this project will start by exploring best practice in Early Years and how the principles might build a secure foundation in mathematics for transition into a teaching for mastery approach in Year 1. It will consider the curriculum - what children need to know and understand; approaches to planning and the inclusion of all children; and appropriate resources and contexts for effective learning.

Please view the flyer for information and book here.

DEADLINE CLOSED. Please contact Jo Brereton at to express an interest in this Work Group.


Primary TSST Programme for Stoke Opportunity Area 

DEADLINE CLOSED. Please contact Jo Brereton at to express an interest in this Work Group.

Available to colleagues in the Stoke Opportunity Area, this course consists of 8 full day workshops, spread throughout the academic year and is delivered by Karen Lawley – Prime Maths Solutions. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics and approaches and will support teachers in refreshing their subject knowledge and enhance their teaching skills.

Please view the flyer for more information.