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The intention of a Work Group is to empower educators (teachers, teaching assistants, SLTs etc.) to develop their own mathematical and pedagogical understanding, which will result in positive outcomes for learners from reception to Key Stage 5.

A Work Group emphasises (but is not restricted to) the following:

  • Guidance and support from Work Group Leads on various areas of mathematical education. These include teaching for mastery, Key Stage transition, TA support, networks for SLEs, tackling tricky topics at GCSE and TA support with SEND.

  • Collaboration with other educational bodies such as AMSP (formerly FMSP),

  • Collaboration and sharing of successes across your school, MAT, Maths Hub etc.,

  • Reflection on your own professional practice,

  • Real ideas and resources that can be used in the classroom,

  • Usually a succession of face to face CPD sessions, with "gap tasks" in between. These could be activities to try with students or discussions to have within departments.

We have decided to separate the Work Groups into primarysecondary and level 3. Occasionally, there maybe a crossover e.g. Year 5-8.

If applications are closed, please contact our hub administrator, Jo Brereton (, indicating an expression of interest (EOI) and we will contact you if and when the next Work Group is taking applications. This is usually in the next academic year.

The NCETM also produced this flyer to help you understand how a Work Group operates.

We have outlined below the Work Groups for 2020-21. Please follow the links to register an interest in the relevant Work Group and we will send out further information. We will also regularly update our primarysecondary and level 3 Work Group pages with flyers and information. You can also follow us on Twitter to receive update.



North Mids Maths Hub Work Group Opportunities 2022-23



Early Years

NCP 22-25

Early Years - Subject Knowledge

Book Here

Primary Work Groups

NCP 22-08

Mastery Readiness

Book Here

NCP 22-26

Primary Teachers – Subject Knowledge

Book Here

NCP 22-27

Primary Teaching Assistants – Subject Knowledge

Book Here

NCP 22-28

Primary Early Careers Teachers – Subject Knowledge

Book Here

Secondary Work Groups

NCP 22-12

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development

Book Here

NCP 22-15

Secondary Subject Leadership

Book Here

NCP 22-16

Secondary Maths MAT Leads

Book Here

NCP 22-18

Years 7-11 Coherence

Book Here

NCP 22-29

Secondary Early Careers Teachers – Subject Knowledge

Book Here

NCP 22-30

Secondary Non-Specialist Teaching – Subject Knowledge

Book Here


NCP 22-22

New to Teaching Core Maths

Book Here

NCP 22-23

Developing Core Maths Pedagogy

Book Here

NCP 22-24

A-level Pedagogy

Book Here

Cross Phase

NCP 22-19

Years 5-8 Continuity

Book Here

NCP 22-31


Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers


Book Here